Spark Stories is a collection of tales created using The Sims 3.  This collection contains only stories written by Spark, the owner and administrator of this blog.  It does not contain legacies (stories in which the creators take on a legacy challenge, usually without cheats, taking screen shots and telling its story for each generation).  Instead, each story here will include a predetermined plot and unique characters that develop and evolve over time.

This is a very young site, created on October 8, 2009.  Currently there is only one story available.  I have several other stories rattling around in my head, but right now I am concentrating on the initial development of Solace.  Once it has a nice head start and this blog begins to receive positive reviews, I will work on the others.  My aim is to have a variety of tales on the site.

The idea of Spark is taken from the phrase, “a spark of imagination”.

If you are a reader coming from The Sims 3 official website, do not forget to return there to recommend your favorite episodes.  I do pay attention to both the comments received on this blog and the number of recommendations on the official site for each episode.  It helps me determine how well I am progressing with each story.  If the latest episodes receive a drastic shift in the number of recommendations, it may affect how I write in the future.  Since you cannot post comments on the official site, I encourage readers to come here to provide feedback.

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